June 4, 2017

TTG Macro & Micro Newsletter 6-4-17

  ETF Index performance (5d): SPY +1.0%, DIA +0.6%, IWM +1.6%, QQQ +1.8%, EEM +0.4%, EFA +1.5%, TLT +1.9%, GLD +1.8% TTG Market View On a shortened holiday week in the US, Equities, Bonds, and Gold all rallied.  In US Equities, the rally broadened out with 14 out of the 25 sector / subsector ETFs […]

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May 29, 2017

ETF Weekly Flow Report w/e 5/26

U.S. Equities overtake International Equities for the first time in three weeks.  U.S. Equity ETFs post +$9.3B inflows and International or non-US posts +$3.6B inflows.  Note SPY (SPX) was responsible for the 65% of the U.S. inflows (+$6.0B).  Other broad U.S. ETFs that saw inflows were QQQ (NDX) +$1.8B and IWM (RTY) +$571M. In sectors, […]

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May 21, 2017

ETF Weekly Flow Report w/e 5/19

Overall: This is getting to sound like a broken record… but the trend continues, large inflows into International Equities, +$5.4B and $6.3B out of US Equities.  Just as a reminder it was +$5.6B into International Equities the week prior and +$5.4B the week before that.  A very consistent movement of money. That consistency is also […]

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Why watching option and stock activity matters

On Thursday, 2/11/16, there were some large blocks of IWM (Small Caps) calls throughout the trading session:

>>  39,772 IWM Mar16 97.0 Calls $2.31  SWEEP / OPENING

>>   10,000 IWM Mar16 97.0 Calls $2.53   OPENING   Above Ask!

>>   2,913 IWM Fri 2/12 94.0 Calls (Wkly) $1.34  ASKSIDE

However, examining stock activity illustrates that there were large blocks of the common equity being sold close to the same time as the call buying.  Without having the full picture in both options and equities one can be mistaken by only following only one side of the trade.