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June 5, 2017

ETF Weekly Flow Report w/e 6-2-17

ETF Flows (week ending 6/2/16) International overtakes US Equities and adds another +$3.6B inflows last week.  US flows were positive +$1.3B, but trailed Intl again. Fixed Income ETFs saw higher activity and posted +$4.6B inflows. I provide a breakdown of Fixed Income below. Again will start with International because that was where the Equity money […]

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June 4, 2017

TTG Macro & Micro Newsletter 6-4-17

  ETF Index performance (5d): SPY +1.0%, DIA +0.6%, IWM +1.6%, QQQ +1.8%, EEM +0.4%, EFA +1.5%, TLT +1.9%, GLD +1.8% TTG Market View On a shortened holiday week in the US, Equities, Bonds, and Gold all rallied.  In US Equities, the rally broadened out with 14 out of the 25 sector / subsector ETFs […]

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May 29, 2017

ETF Weekly Flow Report w/e 5/26

U.S. Equities overtake International Equities for the first time in three weeks.  U.S. Equity ETFs post +$9.3B inflows and International or non-US posts +$3.6B inflows.  Note SPY (SPX) was responsible for the 65% of the U.S. inflows (+$6.0B).  Other broad U.S. ETFs that saw inflows were QQQ (NDX) +$1.8B and IWM (RTY) +$571M. In sectors, […]

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