Our Member’s Thoughts

The TTG trading room is like the point of the spear for stock traders of all levels of experience. Consistent and actionable ideas throughout each day as well as a practical and profitable process for finding your own.” 

Jim C.


“The learning that I have experienced and continue to do is unparalleled with anything else out there. Great group of traders and transparency of trades by CF is unprecedented. Unequivocally recommend this group!”

Rohit S.

New York

Over the years I have grown as a trader through continual support, sharing and advice from TTG members not just the daily market participation ideas but overall as a grounded investor in both discipline and physiological strengths developed. This was only possible because of the leadership in the group and sincere comradery amongst members, the focus is consistent and each member respects shared ideas. I would strongly suggest regardless of trading strategy those who are considering do in fact add MarketWebs as it is an integral part to mutual group analysis and with time helped me define consistent discipline.”

Sam M.


Nothing but great things to say about TTG and Christian’s full transparency. As a member you have access to so much information as well as to Christian, who promptly answers any member questions throughout the day. I honestly can’t keep up with all the content offered from daily Q&A chats, swing trade setups, daily summary emails, and weekly trend portfolio ideas. The use of MarketWebs for charting has also transformed my trading by offering clear price points that can act as support or resistance as well as price extensions that help with price targets and stops.”

Melissa M.


“I have been a member of TTG since its inception. I am a full time trader. I think the quality of TTG and its community of traders is excellent — a first rate group with outstanding discussion by Christian, Web, Michael and others who elevate the quality of the room with teaching webinars. I recommend TTG without reservation. I have found TTG to be an exceptional group of traders”

Robert S.


“TTG has allowed me to grow exponentially as a trader, the content from the group is second to none and provides the education and guidance for you to develop your own style that suits your needs. No matter how big or small if you are serious about trading TTG is the place to be.”  

Alexander G.


“I work full time but by checking in during the day with the TTG I have had the best trading experience I can manage and my portfolio has increased this year by 60%—for me the best ever! Thank you Christian and All for working so hard to help the members learn and maximize their profits.” 

Mark F.


“Best room I’ve ever been in. Real traders, vets sharing experience, knowledge, and trades. Lots of education, free webinars, news, etc. This is the total package for serious and aspiring traders.”   

Andrew O.


Covid was a very hard time for everyone and I wasn’t a stranger to it, but I really started getting more interested in trading especially swing trading, I was following Christian for a while and amazed by the discipline that he shows and when to go in and when to stop on twitter, so I decided to join. I saw what happened in Feb of this year and I didn’t want to repeat that for myself as I’m still learning in the first year of trading. Getting the daily guidance of Christian and other members of the group has been huge to understand the risk/rewards scenarios, patterns, sector flows, option activities, understand the trading world in general. I’ve been able to come out of the feb hole with a very strong year to finish and have been very happy with the constant guidance I get from the daily and weekend videos about the market. All in all, if you’re a trader like me who hates losses more than you love your wins, you can learn the discipline and swing trading from Christian and the group. Very grateful!”

Dhawal C.


“The best way to learn trading is to learn it from the best. Christian and the members in this room are a great knowledge source.”

Kerem K.


Love Christian’s system and style. He’s a true pro. Disciplined, patient and honest. Most transparent trader on Fintwit.”

Peter K.


I have been signed up less than a week, and have already grown my account by 25%+. The rooms are always engaging with quality information, plus pre-market chat really helps to check the pulse of the market.

Robert B.


“Extremely valuable information and education. I feel I can trust Christians intent and experience as well as the experienced traders in the room. You will not be led astray here. I learn something new every day in this room.”

Louise R.


I am fundamentally a long term investor but have become more comfortable with day trades, swing trades and option trades after joining TTG. The best part of TTG for me, is the weekly and daily commentary that CF provides. His insight and restrain helps me reduce risk and keep my portfolio on trend and performing. I feel more confident making investment decisions after joining TTG!



“‘TTG has been a great learning experience. Traditionally, I have been strong on the sentiment indicators and direction, but it has been enlightening to learn different styles. I plan to slowly work my way into the option space, but I appreciate the group being willing to take all of my questions!”

Jonathan G.


“Christian really makes the market make sense. He navigates the day to day better then anyone out there and stays humble doing so. Well worth every penny!”

Sean O.


Happy to say that I found my financial North Star with TTG. I have learned so much from Christian and others in the room over the past year. My trading performance has improved significantly since I started with TTG last November—and all of my accounts reflect that improved performance. The membership is an essential tool for me.”

Warren R.

New York

“Like a lot of people as of late, I got interested in trading early in the pandemic. I came across TTG and really enjoyed Christian’s macro reviews. Very educational and informative. I still learn something every day. When I learned the trading style, particularly with the MarketWebs, I found it to be a great way to manage my trades. It really is the best system for traders at all levels.”

Matt B.

North Carolina

This service is excellent and I get a secure feeling in investing. Members are able to catch momentum and market trends.”

Masa U.


“I have been with TTG for less than 2 month now and I can honestly say that this is the best trading/investment service I could find (and I used to join many others but now I am only subscribing for TTG). For part-time traders, I highly recommend the TTG trend portfolio, which utilizes a buy-and-hold approach coupled with occasional re-balancing that gives you a return % outperforming $SPY. More importantly, Christian Fromhertz’s market insights during every trading session are invaluable in my honest opinion. His commentary and videos have helped me gauge the market direction, analyze price actions, and execute trades. Again, I highly recommend traders particularly inexperienced traders to give it a try at TTG.”

Choa T.


“I’ve been in a lot of room and this is the best.”

Mark C.


“The speed with which Christian Fromhertz assimilates news, market trends and technical analysis into substantive opportunity is impressive. Like top athletes, he makes it look effortless; when one knows he’s trained years and continues to put in the hours to be so adept. His dedication, clarity and integrity draw members to this international group,  inspiring them to contribute  ideas. I marvel at the volume of insights shared, at the delightful mix of chart prowess, tools, support and levity delivered – on the daily.”



“If you can imagine an online trading community where the members not only treat each other with the upmost respect but truly enjoy helping each other think and trade profitably, you have Tribecca Trade Group.”

Martin W.


“Best room I’ve ever been in. Real traders, vets sharing experience, knowledge, and trades. Lots of education, free webinars, news, etc. This is the total package for serious and aspiring traders.”   

Adam M.


“Christian is one of the best traders out there and really goes above and beyond for TTG members. Highly recommend for all active traders!”

Brad H.


We are not strictly growth or value traders/investors, we follow price and trend.