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Slack Platform

  • Access to TTG trading info 
  • Highly organized channels
  • Set alerts to stay in the know

CF Trading Programs

  • Trading Account (stock, swing trades)- Buy/sell alerts 
  • TTG Trend Portfolio (stocks/ETFs; longer-term)

Weekly Watchlist / Higher Conviction Focus List

  • Bi-weekly Macro Video 
  • Weekly Watchlist with triggers

Midday Note / Live Q&A

  • Market update & Christian’s overall thoughts w/ audio clip
  • Mon-Thu: Midday Note
  • Fri: Portfolio Update / Live Q&A

Post Market Email

  • TTG Trading Activity Recap Video 
  • Trading summary on entries, targets, and exits (posted live in #trades throughout the day)


  • Monthly Trading Contest (1st Place receives 1 FREE Month)


TTG Substack Platform


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Note: If you’re an active TTG member, the Substack content is already included in your membership!

TTG MarketWebs (MW) Indicator

The MarketWebs Indicator is a valuable charting tool that essentially creates a roadmap for decision making. Based on Market Profile theories, using volume and time at price, MW provides a valuable visualization of the significant price areas and levels across equities, futures, and forex. 

  • A “road map” for detecting when a security is trading in a range or trending as well as where it is likely to go in the future

Great for:

    • Spotting new breakouts
    • Confirming strength/weakness across different trade times (long/short term)
    • Identifying viable targets for entries, exits, and stops
    • Keeping emotions in check
  • Those who have been using MW for years, consider it to be simply an invaluable tool to their trading success

Market Breadth (MB) Indicator

The Market Breadth Indicator tracks the difference in exchange volume of advancing vs declining stocks real time. This indicator provides a ratio for how powerful trading activity is in a session via advancing vs declining volume.

Providing real time Market Breadth is particularly useful for traders to help determine if the trading session is generally trending or choppy. In addition, the indicator separates this ratio by exchange (NYSE, NASD, and ARCA).

System Requirements: Only available for ThinkorSwim.

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