MarketWebs Technical Trading System

A technical system based on Market Profile Theories, using Volume, Time, and Price to determine a Technical Roadmap which outlines significant support & resistance that enables  precise entry and exit pivots points.  This system has been through numerous upgrades and enhancement over the last 5 years.

TTG MarketWebs (MW) Indicator

The MarketWebs Indicator is a valuable charting tool that essentially creates a roadmap for decision making. Based on Market Profile theories, using volume and time at price, MW provides a valuable visualization of the significant price areas and levels across equities, futures, and forex. 

  • A “road map” for detecting when a security is trading in a range or trending as well as where it is likely to go in the future

Great for:

    • Spotting new breakouts
    • Confirming strength/weakness across different trade times (long/short term)
    • Identifying viable targets for entries, exits, and stops
    • Keeping emotions in check
  • Those who have been using MW for years, consider it to be simply an invaluable tool to their trading success

System Requirements:  Only available for ThinkorSwim.

We are not strictly growth or value traders/investors, we follow price and trend.