MarketWebs (MW) Technical Trading System Explanation

A technical system based on Market Profile Theories using Volume, Time, and Price to determine a Technical Roadmap outlining significant support & resistance across Equities, Futures, and Forex. 

  • Provides precise entry & exit pivot points based on these Market Profile Theories across different timeframes

    • Example: Daily chart Value Area is based on 1 month of Volume, Time, and Price

  • Significant volume nodes from previous periods are kept live (VPOC = Virgin Point of Control) because they can be substantial support / resistance levels

  • The Marketwebs are designed to help traders maintain a Trend Following Discipline

    • i.e.: avoiding stocks that are breaking down (below Value)

  • This system has been through numerous upgrades and enhancement over the last 5 years

Example: Break of Yearly Value Area on a Weekly Chart

Example: Plan out Targets based on VPOCs

(Virgin Points of Control)

Example: Avoid a name not ready to breakout

(trapped in range)

MW Definitions

  1. Value Area (VA): Majority of price action has taken place based on previous period; range between Value Area High (VAH) & Value Area Low (VAL), which are the prices at which ~70% of the volume has taken place
  • Price inside VA: stock is range bound & not trending
  • Price above/below VA: out of recent range (value); beginning to trend higher/lower
  • Time period is over: new VA created (past areas still relevant)
  • Price enters VA: “80% rule” 80% chance of passing from one side of value to the other (Note: Only true if, current period price est. outside of VA before entering & value area wasn’t already explored 100%)
    • The 80% rule is useful when price starts a period above or below the VA, enters the VA, and establishes itself – Then there’s an 80% chance that price travels from one end of the VA to the other (see chart below)
  • Frequent charting timeframes: (shows specific value area for…..)
    • 5m: value area for the day   1hr: the week  Daily: the month   Weekly: the year
  1. Point of Control (POC): Majority of volume has occurred at price based on previous period
  • Often acts as a magnet/ “base” (there’s heavy volume concentration there)
  1. Value Area High (VAH): 1 standard deviation volume profile in a given period
  • Aka Top of Value (TOV)
  • Price inside value: TOV is “resistance/pivot level”
  • Once price climbs above value, TOV becomes support

    Example of 80% Rule Playing Out

        1. Value Area Low (VAL): 1 standard deviation volume profile in a given period
        • Aka Bottom of Value (BOV)
        • Price inside value: BOV is “pivot support level”
        • Once price falls below value, BOV becomes resistance
        1. Virgin Point of Control (VPOC): Significant level left untested by the market
        • If price never visits its POC in a period, that POC will become a VPOC
        • Historical VPOCs often act as a magnet once price leaves value in the given period; act as memory points
        • These are exceptional for Buy / Sell Points!
        1. Venom: MW specific pivot levels of support or resistance
        • MW indicates 3 additional levels of support shown as Venom S1:, Venom S2:, Venom S3:
        • MW indicates 3 additional levels of resistance shown as Venom R1:, Venom R2:, Venom R3:

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    • Is MW available for various platforms/brokers

    MW is available on TradingView (TV) as well as ThinkorSwim (ToS) desktop & Mobile (iPhone, Android, iPad, etc.)

    • How do I purchase MW

    TV version:

    ToS version: Must be an active TTG Member to purchase

    • Does MW work with Windows & Mac

    Yes, it works with both operating systems

    • Does MW work all over the globe?

    Yes, as long as you have TV or ToS

    • What type of Trader does the MW work for?

    All types, there are different timeframes that are for different traders:

     Day Trader→ 5m: Value Area for Day  & 1hr: Value Area for Week

     Short Term Swing Trader→ 1hr: Value Area for Week & Daily: Value Area for Month

     Long Term Swing Trader→ Daily: Value Area for Month & Weekly: Value Area for Year

    TTG MarketWebs (MW) Indicator

    The MarketWebs Indicator is a valuable charting tool that essentially creates a roadmap for decision making. Based on Market Profile theories, using volume and time at price, MW provides a valuable visualization of the significant price areas and levels across equities, futures, and forex. 

    • A “road map” for detecting when a security is trading in a range or trending as well as where it is likely to go in the future

    Great for:

      • Spotting new breakouts
      • Confirming strength/weakness across different trade times (long/short term)
      • Identifying viable targets for entries, exits, and stops
      • Keeping emotions in check
    • Those who have been using MW for years, consider it to be simply an invaluable tool to their trading success

    System Requirements:  Only available for ThinkorSwim.

    We are not strictly growth or value traders/investors, we follow price and trend.


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