TTG MarketWebs Indicator – 2020 Edition (Upgrade)


Based on Market Profile and Value Areas, this indicator automatically shows Value Areas from the previous time frame, and VPOCs (Virgin Point of Controls).  Crucial for detecting when a security is trading in a range or tending.  Licensed and Distributed by Tribeca Trade Group.

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Based on Market Profile and Value Areas, this indicator automatically shows Value Areas from the previous time frame, and VPOCs (Virgin Point of Controls).  Crucial for detecting when a security is trading in a range or trending.  Created and developed by Web Begole. Licensed and Distributed by Tribeca Trade Group.

5th year Anniversary of the MarketWebs. Adjustments inspired by Christian Fromhertz and the experienced traders in the Tribeca Trade Group all using the Webs in their trading plans daily for years.

New Additions:

  • More VPOCs (From 20 to 30).
  • Venom Pivots (S1, S2, R1, R2).
  • Highlighting of active Value Area, VPOCs and Venom Pivots.
  • Labels for VPOCs containing the date they were established.
  • Period analysis (and forecast for next period) highlighting 80% rules, trending or rangebound price action, and if high or low volatility is expected.


  • Adjustment for weekly value areas to include Sundays for futures and currencies.
  • Moved settings for colors to the “Globals” section at very bottom of study settings dialog.
  • Removed trading style arrows.
  • Default colors chosen to minimize distraction from price action.
  • Labels and axis bubbles apply only to active area.
  • Removed developing value area dots, next period value area now visible on chart extension.
  • Removed Venom targets (replaced with Pivots).

Installation Notes:

  • Turn on “Show Extended Hours Trading”
  • Disable “Fit Studies”
  • Under time axis, extend 10+ bars to the right
  • Recommended chart time settings:
    • 5m bar, 180d history (Daily MarketWebs)
    • 1hr bar, 360d history (Weekly MarketWebs)
    • 1d bar, 20y history (Monthly MarketWebs)
    • 1w bar, 20y history (Yearly MarketWebs)

System Requirements:

  • Only available for ThinkorSwim.


The marketwebs completely changed the way I trade. It provides me a visual roadmap of what to look for, where to enter and what to target.  Without the marketwebs I would be flying blind.

For all of swing traders or day traders it’s worth its weight in gold.

Thanks TTG


I have been a member now for over a year. I realized right away how valuable a tool to my trading style it was to purchase the Market Web Indicators.  I use this tool every day, all day in my trading.  I strongly believe in the value areas, the virgin point of controls, the pivot lines, and other features. Tribeca Trade Group is a terrific Trading Community; it is only enhanced by the ability to buy and use the Market Web Indicators—love it!

Great webinar—you guys really explained the new enhanced version very well!!


From the moment I saw Web demonstrate Market Webs back in the day, I knew I had to have it.  Market Webs is, without a doubt, the best technical analysis software on TOS.  It’s the best technical analysis software available on any platform for that matter.


Needless to say, the MarketWebs have significantly changed the way I trade, mostly in entries and exits, as well as taking tgts at VPOCS or value areas.

This, coupled with the ideas and the trading themes from the room, are the reasons why I consider joining the TTG community a real treasure.

Keep up the great work!


“When I first starting using the MarketWebs, I could only look at it for a brief time because it was so visually jarring. But after a few weeks (slow learner), and learning from the incredible traders in the TTG room, it started to make more sense. I really had to break some old habits, but now it’s hard to imagine trading without it. The combination of the MarketWebs, UOA, and the TTG room have really turned my trading around.”


What I like about the indicator is that it gives precise actionable areas on different time frames, both for trend following and mean reversion ideas

the Market Webs has transformed my trading. It has helped me take the emotion out of trading and become a more disciplined trader. The Market Webs gives me price points to trade around. Using these value areas, I have been able to stay in good trades longer and make intelligent adjustments when a trade isn’t going my way.


I have been using the MarketWebs since 2015 and it has fundamentally changed the way I look at technical analysis.  The Webs help me with entry points, stops and targets.  Support and resistance levels are incredibly accurate.  I cannot imagine trading without it.


As a swing trader, once the fundamental, sentimental and option activity research is complete, for the trade to be truly successful requires good entries and good exits!

Good entries and exits is where MarketWebs has become an invaluable tool over the past five years! I am ………. a better Trader because of MarketWebs!


As a former institutional trader and now 4 year independent trader, I’ve had the opportunity to utilize numerous analytical indicators. MarketWebs holds the definitive #1 spot for me, and is the primary tool which I have implemented for all of my equity and derivative trading activity. In addition, the team at Tribeca Trade Group that has developed MarketWebs is excellent. I’ve been part of the organization since the very beginning and have been continuously impressed by the consummate professionalism, astute market analysis and highly cooperative trading communitity.