TTG MarketWebs Indicator


The MarketWebs (MW) Indicator is a valuable charting tool that essentially creates a roadmap for decision making. Based on Market Profile theories, using volume and time at price, the MarketWebs provide a valuable visualization of the significant price areas and levels across equities, futures, and forex. Crucial for detecting when a security is trading in a range or trending.

  • Traders can use MW as a “road map” for when price is trending and where price is likely to go in the future 
  • Great for:
    • Spotting new breakouts 
    • Confirming strength/weakness across different trade times (long/short term)
    • Identifying viable targets for entries, exits, and stops 
    • Keeping emotions in check
  • Those who have been using MW for years, consider it to be simply an invaluable tool to their trading success

See the description below for more details.

Created and developed by Web Begole. Licensed and Distributed by Tribeca Trade Group (TTG)

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