Trading Room Packages

Elite Trader Package

TTG brings the trading desk to you. Christian relies on his institutional trading experience to identify trends and opportunities in aggressive option activity. He then uses a proprietary flow model coupled with technical analysis to enter and monitor trades.


  • Daily Live Market Commentary
  • Real time Trade Alerts
  • Collaborative group chat with free flow of trade ideas
  • Weekly Macro & Micro newsletter
  • Trade idea videos / summary
  • Daily Trading Plan

I understand that my credit card will conveniently be charged $129 per month for as long as I remain an active member.

I also understand that the Tribeca Trade Group cannot guarantee profits, losses are always possible, and that I should always consult a licensed financial advisor or registered broker dealer before placing any live trade with actual capital. Trading options involves risk.

Note: the annual membership is a discount equal to 10% of the monthly rate.

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TTG MarketWebs Indicator

Based on Market Profile and Value Areas, this indicator automatically shows value areas from the previous time frame. Licensed and Distributed by Tribeca Trade Group.

  • This indicator works on 5min, 1 hour, Daily, Weekly Charts, etc.
  • Buy and sell signals provided for day and swing trading along with targets.
  • Current and overlapping profiles also shown.
  • The latest version includes VPOCs (Virgin Point of Controls).

TTG MarketWebs Indicator

System Requirements:

  • Only available for ThinkorSwim.

Market Breadth (MB) Indicator

The Market Breadth Indicator tracks the difference in exchange volume of advancing vs declining stocks real time. This indicator provides a ratio for how powerful trading activity is in a session via advancing vs declining volume. Providing real time Market Breadth is particularly useful for traders to help determine if the trading session is generally trending or choppy. In addition, the indicator separates this ratio by exchange (NYSE, NASD, and ARCA).

System Requirements:

  • Only available for ThinkorSwim.

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The Raptor Indicator

The Raptor Indicator is Ideal for finding trading signals and assigns a rating system for Technical strength / weakness of a security based on a proprietary formula. The Raptor is designed for trading stocks, ETFs, futures, and indices. The indicator also provides primary and secondary buy/sell signals. A chart watchlist can be setup to rank sector, indices, or your personal watchlist.

System Requirements:

  • Only available for ThinkorSwim.